Ski exercises for guaranteed ski fun

There is a variety of ski exercises and ski workouts available for skiers and snowboarders to help prepare the body for the ski season full of great skiing. It is important to understand that skiing and snowboarding are very demanding sports which utilize every muscle in your body. But there are still certain muscle groups we should pay more attention to when doing ski exercises for they are heavily used as you make your way down the slopes. Ski exercises for these muscle groups will improve your form degree of control, power and safe on the slopes. Here are some types of ski exercises.
The Wall Slide
This is a quick, easy and very efficient ski exercise that helps you work on your lower body strength and endurance. To do the wall slide, you must place your back flat against the wall with your feet directly in front of you. Than you must slide your body down into a sitting position as far as you can go, then bring your body back up. This ski exercise works on your lower body this means the legs, knees and abdominals.
The Ball Crunch
The ski exercise called the ball crunch is one of the most effective ways to improve your core strength and build up your skiing endurance. To do this ski exercise lie facing the ceiling with the ball under your mid-back then place your arms behind your head and contract your abs the same way you would with a regular crunch. As you curl, keep the ball in a stable position, and then lower your back down again.