Things to do in Croatia

Croatia. One could easily call this country one of Europe’s hidden gems. And quite the gem it is. Croatia, tucked away in south east Europe, close to it’s more famous neighbor Italy has something for every type of traveler from ancient history to a beautiful seaside to amazing food, this is a country you will not want to miss. What to do in Croatia? You can do almost anything. You want to go sailing? It has a great coast with thousands of little islands to explore. You want to be a beach bum? The beaches are world class and you have your pick of literally hundreds. You want to go camping? You have no shortage of options.

Everyone at least dreams about camping on the beach but few do it. One of the big reasons is that there is really a shortage of good beaches in the world and the most famous are always crowded with tourists. Who wants to pitch a camping tent there? However Croatia has, thanks to the many islands off its coast, hundreds of fantastic beaches. And if you ever dreamed of seeing clear blue water, this is the place to go. The beaches combined with the water will take your breath of away. One destination that will prove such view and is camping friendly is Vrsar on the Croatian coast.

Croatia has history. For the history buffs, Croatia is a can’t miss destination. Many countries boast of their ancient history, Croatia has history going back to the stone age. Nearly every town in the country has an old city center with beautiful architecture and markets selling a unique blend of Mediterranean and new world flavors. A fantastic destination to discover both the history and the food is the city of Rovinj that has nice old town, a blend of Italian and Croatian influences so you know the food will be amazing and nice nature park outside the city for those who would like to go camping but still be close to a small city. So what are you waiting for? Now you know what to do in Croatia. Come and see this hidden jewel.

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