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The Importance of Community Management

Community management is when a person or persons builds, grows and manages online communities. To be clear, community managers are focused on setting the tone of social interactions, showing off people who are behind your brand’s personality and adding heightened interest and life to your products or services. In addition, the most important aspect of being a community manger is connecting with your audience.

If you currently don’t have a community manager, you have probably found out that developing personal and connected relationships with your customers is not only difficult but also time-consuming. Keep in mind; a community manager is also vital in order to create hype around your new products or services. Most importantly, an effective and great community manager is necessary because he or she is a good listener. Of course, listening to customers and fan feedback is important. A great community manager can keep a sharp eye out on how people feel about your brand. It is important to note that the role of a community manager has evolved in the last decade. Some of the activities that a community manager engages in besides posting updates, interacting with fans and handling customer service are spending time on the Internet and listening to consumers and finding out how they feel about your product or service.

In addition, an effective and informed community manager also uses social listening and analytics tools to seek out and find conversations that are happening around your brands and industry. Monitoring blogs and forums and finding out what your customers are saying about your brand is a most important duty of the community manger. Also, community managers have a clear insight on the pulse of your customers and this mainly comes from effective listening skills. Qualities of a good community manager are: strong communication skills, good judgment, dedication, organizational skills, a level-headed attitude, an ability to enable a community and a passion for the brand.

To conclude, a community manager is when a person or persons builds, grows and manages online communities. Find out how a community manager can enhance your product or service!

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