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The Importance of Community Management

Community management is when a person or persons builds, grows and manages online communities. To be clear, community managers are focused on setting the tone of social interactions, showing off people who are behind your brand’s personality and adding heightened interest and life to your products or services. In addition, the most important aspect of being a community manger is connecting with your audience.

If you currently don’t have a community manager, you have probably found out that developing personal and connected relationships with your customers is not only difficult but also time-consuming. Keep in mind; a community manager is also vital in order to create hype around your new products or services. Most importantly, an effective and great community manager is necessary because he or she is a good listener. Of course, listening to customers and fan feedback is important. A great community manager can keep a sharp eye out on how people feel about your brand. It is important to note that the role of a community manager has evolved in the last decade. Some of the activities that a community manager engages in besides posting updates, interacting with fans and handling customer service are spending time on the Internet and listening to consumers and finding out how they feel about your product or service.

In addition, an effective and informed community manager also uses social listening and analytics tools to seek out and find conversations that are happening around your brands and industry. Monitoring blogs and forums and finding out what your customers are saying about your brand is a most important duty of the community manger. Also, community managers have a clear insight on the pulse of your customers and this mainly comes from effective listening skills. Qualities of a good community manager are: strong communication skills, good judgment, dedication, organizational skills, a level-headed attitude, an ability to enable a community and a passion for the brand.

To conclude, a community manager is when a person or persons builds, grows and manages online communities. Find out how a community manager can enhance your product or service!

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Three Medical Themes That of Simplicity and Attractiveness in a Professional Way

Blogs and blogging have turned out be such amazing tools. Days, where we would wait for mainstream magazines and websites to publish information about issues that matter to us, are long gone. With this new resource, people are thronging their favorite blogs looking for information they require. In other words, bloggers have become researchers and their blogs, sources for great information. Medicine has not been left behind, with hundreds of medical blogs coming up every single day, there is no medical condition whose info cannot be found on a blog. As much as this is good news for those seeking such information, bloggers are facing major challenges from stiff competition. The need to differentiate you as a medical blogger from other blogs and gain traffic has never been more important. This is where themes come in. A uniquely designed medical theme that offers brilliant features is what it takes to defeat your competition.
So if tapping into the high traffic created by people seeking medical services online is what you are looking for, or sprucing up the appearance of your blog is what you are after, below are three medical themes that will go a long way in helping you achieve all that.

1. Medica Pro

Simplicity is what we all desire in life. And for people looking for medical services, it is wise to make finding such services as simple and straightforward as possible for them. Medica Pro is the theme you are looking for if simplicity with professionalism is what you desire.

2. Medico

Featuring a simple navigation menu, a dynamic contact form, and well-structured information, this medical theme makes access to information a very easy task. Another plus feature of this theme is that it allows one to shop. Therefore, having this theme for your blog or site is a must.

3. Divi

Just a one-page theme, Divi is designed in such a way that everything you need can be accessed from that page. With options that are easy to use and friendly, coupled with its modern appearance available in multiple designs, Divi is a great theme for your blog or site.
Offering attractiveness, simplicity, and much more in a way that speaks of a professional website, these three medical themes will do you good on your blog or site.

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Google Adwords Advertising: Is it Worth?

Due to increasing competition, getting customers on the net has become a tedious and challenging chore. All businesses are employing search engine optimization strategies to get top page ranking in search results for their targeted keywords. In such a situation, securing first page ranking and winning prospects are not that easy. You need to employ an alternative strategy that will secure first page ranking even in a competitive scenario. It is here Google AdWords advertising steps in to resolve your concerns.

Why employ Google AdWords

The main benefit of using Google pay per click advertising is it delivers instant results. No matter the page rank of your site, your site will get top rankings in sponsored listings on the first page of search results. All you have to do is choose your cost per click, design your ad and select the keywords.

Another important benefit of Google AdWords advertising is you get targeted visitors. Whenever people surf the web using your desired keywords, your ad will come up in sponsored listings. Since your ad comes up for particular keywords, your ad is highly targeted for specific customers. As such, you can be sure potential customers will click your ad and take positive moves in terms of purchase or sign ups for your emails or newsletters, and this happens to be your main aim.

The best thing about Google AdWords is it gives higher conversions. You are required to pay when someone clicks on your ad. Since people who are clicking your ads are mostly targeted customers, you only pay for visits from potential customers. This in turn enhances your conversion rates.

Bottom line

Thus, there are many great reasons to use Google AdWords. Top ranking in search results, regular flow of targeted prospects, higher conversions etc are some of the main benefits of using Google pay per click advertising. This is why many smart businesses are using this effective advertising strategy to thrive and prosper in the modern competitive world. If you wish to make a successful venture online, make sure to apply Google’s pay per click advertising and take your business to new heights.

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How to Make Facebook Ads to Work for You

If you have a website, you should use Facebook advertising to drive relevant targeted traffic to your website. Facebook advertising done right will deliver more page views to your web pages and Facebook fan pages. The key is to optimize the ads correctly and to keep monitoring the performance of your ads.

Optimizing Facebook ads should start with the images. The most important element in Facebook advertising is the image. It influences whether or not people will click on your advertisement. You need to test different images and find the ones that will maximize conversions and click-through rate. Optimization also involves having the right call to action that will encourage people to click the advertisement. You need to split test different call-to-actions and stick with those that have a significant impact on your audience. The Ad Setup Menu in Facebook has options for modifying call to action, images, and carrying out other customizations. You need to optimize Facebook ads based on different interests and come with an ad set for each topic. Proper targeting of ads is a core part of optimization. This will help you to get a better return on your Facebook advertising investment. Targeting by behavior will have a good payoff. Behaviors to be targeted include gaming, people who connect to the internet using internet explorer, among other behaviors. You can also target people basing on annual incomes. This can be done by clicking on demographics then selecting desired income target and subsequently making the appropriate selection.

Monitoring the performance of your Facebook ads is an important part of Facebook advertising. You can create a conversion-tracking pixel that will track your advertisements, across multiple devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. A conversion pixel can be created by logging into your Facebook ad manager and selecting conversion tracking. This pixel will help you to know whether the traffic from Facebook to your website is really converting. The pages of your website where traffic usually converts such as the checkout page should have this conversion-tracking pixel. With this pixel, you will see the device from where visitors converted and the device from where they saw a Facebook advertisement.


Web Analytics For Websites

Web analytics is the collection, measurement, and reporting of data so that you can optimize web usage. It can be used for measuring web traffic, for market research, and for business. It gives out information on the number of visitors that have come to a website and how many people have viewed the page. It is useful because it helps gauge popularity trends and traffic on websites. It also can be used to find out if the website’s pages are working correctly. If it not working correctly, it can be corrected.

Web analytics has two categories. They are: on-site and off-site. On-site measures a visitor’s behavior when on your website. It measures how your commercial context is doing on your website. On-site is used to improve marketing for your website. Off-site refers to analysis and web measurement. It measures the website’s potential audience, the comments that are on the Internet, and the visibility of the website.

There are two technical ways that most people use for collecting data. There is server log file analysis and page tagging. Server log file reads the logfiles and page tagging makes image requests to a third party server. Both of these collect data for web traffic reports. There are advantages to both of these files. For log file, the raw data is available, you don’t have to make changes to your website, you can switch programs easily if you want to, it requires no additional TCP slow starts or DNS lookups, and more. For page tagging, it can report on events that don’t involve a request to the web server, it has become a standard thing in web analytics, it can be used even if you don’t have access to your own web servers, it may have access to more information on the user or web client, counting starts by opening the page so that you don’t have to request it from a server, and more.

So as you can see, web analytics is a good thing to use if you are looking for data about your website so that you can improve it and gain more customers.


Keyword Research after Hummingbird Launch

Since Google started using the Hummingbird in September 2013, the idea of keyword research as part of the online marketing strategy has become somewhat played down. Until the launch of Hummingbird, keyword research was pretty simple and straightforward. Many people may be misled into believing that keyword research has become complicated or ineffective. In fact, not much has changed since the launch of Hummingbird.

Google has simply changed the way its algorithm works to focus more on the semantic aspect of the keywords. The search results focus more on what users intend to find than on the exactitude of the keywords. To create effective keywords that increase traffic to a website, it is absolutely important to understand the nature of the website, its products, and the search words and terms that customers will normally use to look for similar websites and products. So understanding the user search terms is the secret of creating effective keywords.

You will gain more insight into the competition by understanding the websites that rank for your major keywords. You will also know a high value keyword from the search ads appearing at the top right-hand side of the organic search results. By understanding the keywords that allow users to find your competitor’s website, you will be able to easily choose relevant keywords for your website or product page.

Bing Adcenter and Google AdWords are valuable tools for keyword research especially for beginners. You can choose exact match for keywords you want to rank and point the traffic to your website or sales page. When choosing keywords, it is important to understand that long tail keywords convert more than single words. For instance, someone searching for “best books” will be just curious to know what is out there in the market, but the person searching for “the best rice recipe books” will certainly be ready to buy something.

It is crucial to understand the search demand curve if you are to drive traffic that convert to your website. The keyword search exercise has been simplified by the tools in the market. You can start with Bing Ads Intelligence, Google AdWords, and Google Trends.

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