Declining Dates

Dating is a numbers game. The more people you meet, the better chance of finding someone you click with. However, some discover a problem when they try and utilize this strategy. You can generally date as many people as you’d like but the vast majority probably won’t be a match. This can lead to problems such as hurt feelings over the lack of success, drained bank accounts and less time for other areas of life. The easiest way to avoid these pitfalls is to reduce the amount of people you date.

It is nice to say that opposites attract. This means everyone should be able to get along with anyone. But when it comes to love, people generally find it easier to make connections with those who are more like them. You have fewer hurdles to overcome on the road to romance. Look for those more like you and you will find you will alleviate some of the pressure.

“The more people you date the better grasp you’ll have on what your type is and what isn’t.”

How important is age to you when it comes to the people you date? Friendr finder may be a bit of a numbers game but age may or may not be one of those numbers you should be playing with. This goes back to finding people who are like you. If you’re dating someone who is a decade older or younger than you, they may have different thoughts, beliefs and ideals. They will most certainly have different life experiences that only someone who grew up with them would share. I am a firm believer that two people of any age can find love but if you’re looking to cut down on the heartache, age could be one area that deserves closer examination.

There are also certain dating styles and situations that need to be left alone. Flirtatious people, for example, are great people to connect with at the start, but what happens if they need that attention constantly from anyone and everyone around? Those who have just come out of serious relationship may also need to be avoided. They are still carrying baggage that will take some time to unload or they could still be carrying a flame for their ex. This also goes for married people. It’s not a wise move to date someone who’s attached. It says something about their character and you’re not going to want to suffer the same fate that their spouse is experiencing. Your odds at finding the right connection will dramatically increase if you cut out some of the less-desirable options right from the start.

The more people you date the better grasp you’ll have on what your type is and what isn’t. In the beginning it’s a crap shoot. You date as many people as possible so that you get an idea of what your type is. However, over time you’ll find that you may want to date less and you become choosier about who you go out with. This isn’t a bad thing. This is the start of a new chapter in your life so turn the page with confidence!


Schwinn 860 Folding Treadmill Review

As an all-weather home gym equipment, the Schwinn 860 folding treadmill provides fitness buffs with an efficient way of working out right in the comfort of their own homes. You can walk and run on this device and it will accurately record the speed, distance as well as the pace that you’re into.

Treadmills are considered to be a good cardiovascular exercise machine, as this type of equipment can workout the heart and lungs while benefiting the circulatory system as well. In fact, it is also an effective device for toning the muscles and burning fat calories too.


This particular model of treadmill from Schwinn comes with a cushioned walking surface and is therefore easy on the heels, feet, and joints. It can also be folded so as to accommodate easy storage.


Key Features


Powerful Motor – The unit is run by 3.0 Horsepower and can operate continuously for long hours.

Adjustable Design – You can run on the device up to 12 MPH and its inclination angle can be adjusted up to 12%.

Comfortable Technology – The walking area is cushioned to lessen the impact on the knees and joints during workout routines.

Workout Programs – The treadmill comes with 20 workout programs which include 9 profile courses and 2 customizable exercise routines.

HR Control – There are 4 heart rate control programs incorporated in this unit’s design.

Foldable – This model of exercise equipment can be folded and it even uses a “soft drop” technology.




The Schwinn 860 comes with a 10-year warranty on its motor, 10-year warranty on the frame, 1-year warranty on electronics, 1-year warranty on parts, 3-month warranty on wear parts, and 3-month warranty on labor.




Equipment Dimension: 83 x 35 x 55.25 inches

Equipment Dimension (folded): 40.87 x 35 x 65.5 inches

Equipment Weight: 298 pounds

Maximum User Capacity: 300 pounds

Running Surface Area: 20 x 60 inches

Motor Power: 3.0 Horsepower

Speed: 0.5 to 12 MPH

Incline: 0% to 12%


How to Assemble the Schwinn 860 Folding Treadmill?


This model of treadmill is delivered pre-assembled (almost 85% completed) so you only need to put together a few parts to complete the set up. You can finish setting it up in less than an hour especially if there’s someone there to help you out as some of the parts on this device can be quite heavy. The instruction manual contains pictures and step by step instruction to serve as your guide in assembling the equipment.


It is strongly advised that this exercise machine is assembled right on the spot where it’s supposed to be permanently placed as moving it about can be quite tedious (it weighs around 300 pounds). However, you can still transfer its location if you want to, as it can be folded and equipped with transport wheels too.


How to Use the Schwinn 860 Exercise Equipment?


You can immediately walk and run on this treadmill right after assembly. However, you should read the directions on the instruction manual first as some of the programming can be quite confusing. Once you are acquainted with how the unit works, you will find that it’s easy to use and control the device as it has adjustable settings and programs.


After working out on this equipment, you might want to get it out of the way to save on space. This model of treadmill can be folded for easy storage and it can also be easily unfolded when it’s time to use the equipment again. The deck can be lifted up and it will lock into place to stay folded. And unfolding it will trigger the hydraulic lift to gently ease the running deck down on the floor.


Common User Issues and Concerns


Exercise enthusiasts are generally pleased with the performance of the Schwinn 860 folding treadmill and are giving it the thumbs up. While some customers have complained about the unit’s heaviness, it is still a manageable issue as the treadmill is equipped with heavy duty transport wheels.


There were also some users who found the machine’s response time to be a little slow during programming as you still need to hit “enter” to confirm certain functions. But this feature is intended to avoid making mistakes in programming certain tasks.


Some trainers also experienced receiving an error code on their consoles which renders the machine useless. But situations like this can usually be resolved by calling Schwinn’s customer service as the unit may simply need to be reprogrammed. Consumers have reported that the manufacturer’s customer service employees are always very helpful and friendly.


User Reviews


Customer reviews that can be found online have mixed comments of favorable and not-so-favorable feedback. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this product.




Solid construction – as this exercise equipment weighs around 300 pounds, it is very stable. It doesn’t wobble during use and operation.

Easy to assemble – the equipment comes 85% assembled, so it’s really very easy to set up.

Unfolds nice and easy – the unit’s unique drop down technology makes the device easy to unfold when it’s time to use it.

Great customer service – some consumers reported receiving error codes from the console; but upon calling customer service, matters are resolved quickly and professionally.




Long process – some users found the treadmill’s response time to programming to be a little slow. The unit asks for a confirmation before executing certain tasks, and you need to hit enter in order to validate it.

Confusing programs – some beginner users found the programming method to be quite confusing, especially when the instruction manual is not read first.


Best Mountain Bikes Review

Mountain biking offers several health benefits and has been considered as the most effective cardiovascular workout. If you are an enthusiastic cyclist and love mountain biking, it is very important to acquire the best mountain bike that offers higher performance. If you are keen to purchase one of the best mountain bikes for this health activity, you can consider some of the top models that are listed below.

1.Diamondback 2015 Youth Girls

This is one of the pretty looking bicycles which is also tough in its performance. It makes your ride not only fun but adventurous too. Some of the best features of this mountain bike are as follows:

  • Made out of tensile steel frame that offers durability
  • Suspension fork makes riding on bumpy roads easy
  • Linear pull brakes are easy yet sturdy
  • Inbuilt 7 speed offers many range of gears


2.Merax Finiss 26 inches Mountain Bike

This mountain bike bicycle comes with disc brakes that offer good control. This lightweight bike from Merax makes your ride comfortable and it has the ability to handle bumps on the road to offer a smooth ride for its users. Some of the key features have been listed below.

  • The frame of the bike is made out of lightweight aluminum
  • Rims wheel measures 26 inches and shielded with double wall aluminum for efficient rolling
  • 21 speed shifters and derailleur for easy shifting
  • Mechanical front and rear disc brakes
  • Better control and smooth bumps due to 80 mm suspension fork


3.Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn is the most trusted names in America as far as good quality bikes are concerned. When you buy a mountain bike from this company, you will turn out to be the most confident and happy cyclist like never before.

  • Mountain frame is made out of aluminum
  • Comes with a suspension fork in the front
  • 21 speed derailleur and twist shifters
  • Alloy wheels to help in quick release
  • Front and rear pull brakes for effective braking power


4.26 inches Granite Peak Mountain Bike for Women R4047WMCDB

This is indeed one of the excellent mountain bikes that are suitable for unpaved road surfaces and for street cruising with an efficient suspension fork. The suspension fork smoothen the path to make your ride enjoyable and comfortable. Some of the attractive features of this mountain bike are as follows.

  • Steel mountain frame that makes your ride easy
  • Twist shifters for smooth gear changing with 18 speeds
  • Inclusive of mountain crank and range of gears
  • Alloy wheels for lasting results and better control


5.BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike 650B

The carbon fiber frame is what makes it so different and efficient from other mountain bikes. If you are enthusiastic about riding bicycles, this is the bike you should choose. It will make your ride fun and comfortable.

  • Suitable for professional level riders
  • For suspension, hidden disc brake and hard tail MTB
  • Lightweight with 3k Matte finish
  • Frame made of carbon fiber for durability



These are some of the best examples of mountain bikes that are highly popular today.


Flirting: The Secret Revealed

Flirting is an art, but we’re here to show you some of the secret tells that give away the hints you’re looking to drop.Flirtation takes practice to master for most. Performing well in front of someone that interests you can be very unnerving. You have to have poise and timing to hit a home run. We take a look at some finer points to help you belt one out of the park so read on!

You can usually tell if someone is interested in you or show your interest in them by how you present yourself physically to them. People who like someone will pay close attention to them. This means no looking around the room or falling easily to distraction. Someone you’re interested in or who is interested in you will have a healthy dose of focus on what it is they’re after. This means facing a person directly, leaning in towards them and keeping eye contact – but not the scary kind that creeps people out. Another sign of interest is when people fidget – perhaps touching their neck or lips. Women have a tendency to play with their hair. These are the subtle secret signs of flirting that help give away the interests of others.

“You can say as much by talking about a cup of coffee as you can by commenting on the great body they have.”

You can also flirt it up through conversation. Stating your interest outright isn’t flirting. Flirting has more poise. It’s more polished. It’s not about those cheesy pick-up lines in a book. It’s conveyed more by the way you say things than by what you say, although both are important. Risqué topics aren’t the greatest for conversations when it comes to showing interest. You can say as much by talking about a cup of coffee as you can by commenting on the great body they have. Pick your topics of conversation carefully and you’ll have more luck impressing the object of your desires.

At some point, flirting must end and action must be taken. Hopefully you’re keeping your eyes peeled for these signs coming back in your direction. If they are, then you’re ready for the pitch. When it comes, slap it good and hard and we’ll be in the stands to cheer you on!

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An introduction to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and refers to steps taken by site administrators to promote their website on search engines. Search engines such as Google are a huge source of visitors for all websites, and as such optimizing your website so that it ranks higher in search engine results will only increase the number of visitors to your site. That in short is the purpose of web SEO.

SEO is of two types: onsite SEO and off site SEO. Onsite SEO are all the measures that are taken with the code and text of your site so that it ranks higher in SEO rankings. For example, you might prominently display your brand name in the title of your pages, or show other such keywords at important parts of your web pages, such as headings and titles. Such measures will be read by the crawlers sent by search engines such as Google, which will then rank the pages higher for the given keywords that are part of titles and paragraph headings. Onsite SEO is the easier of the two, because here you are only concerned with changing the code or text of your own site.

Offsite SEO, however, refers to steps that are taken off site to improve the ranking of your site. Such steps include creating backlinks to your site, which are hosted on reputed sites themselves. Backlinks that are hosted on less reputible sites are not going to help your site to improve its rankings. Other steps include mentioning your website or its contents in other sites of repute, specially sites that host similar type of content.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most helpful strategies that can be undertaken to improve the footfall on your website. Improved rankings in web search results will draw in more visitors to your site, which will in turn allow you to promote and sell more products and services. Therefore, you should definitely try to improve your website’s SEO, whether it be on site SEO or off site SEO. The results will justify the effort that it takes to improve SEO rankings of your site.

digital marketing

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

It is important for every business to have a website. This is because the modern consumer users the internet to search for products and services that can meet their needs as well as to compare prices and check product reviews. This means that every business, including brick and mortar stores, need to have an online presence. Obviously, there are many other businesses that are targeting the same market that you are targeting, and they may already have websites. What will make your website more visible to internet users than those sites is search engine optimization, so you need to hire an experienced professional to optimize your site.

Basically, what search engine optimization does is make your web pages and content easier for search engines to find, index and rank. When your website is optimized, it gets a higher ranking when search results are produced after a search is executed by consumers. A first page ranking will drive a lot of traffic to your website, where you can concentrate on converting them. Research has shown that consumers rarely visit the second or subsequent pages of search results, so your chances of getting traffic reduces with a poor search engine ranking. Only an experienced SEO provider can get you to the first page.

There are many search engine optimization strategies that SEO experts can use to improve your ranking on major search engines. However, they can be classified as on-page and off-page optimization strategies. With on-page site optimization, the website content, underlying script and page title are modified to make them easier for search algorithms to find. For instance, articles, photo and video descriptions must all contain the chosen keyword and related words. The title of a web page should also contain the selected keywords. When it comes to the meta data, the meta description should also contain the keyword as well as related phrases and words. The meta tags section should contain all related words, synonyms of the keyword and related phrases among other things. When it comes to off-page optimization strategies, the content on a website should be linked to social media pages, article submission directories, online listings and blogs among other third party sites that can drive traffic to the main website.


Getting the Most from Car Hire Spain Services

Traveling can be a wonderful way to explore a new area and to see different cultures that you might not have seen in the past. But you might not realize is that traveling can be a problem when you do not have a car to get around in. This is why a lot of vacation individuals are making use of car hire spain services because this is a way for them to ensure that they are able to get around when they actually get to their destination. Car rental services are also quite affordable and can fit into any vacation budget that you happen to be able to afford.

One of the great things about car hire spain service is that you can rent a car that fits your needs and budget without a problem in the future. You could also rent out the car online and have it ready and available to you when you actually reach your destination. This saves you a lot of time and hassle in the long run and can totally transform your vacation from one that is frustrating to one that is incredibly convenient for you and your loved ones. This is why so many people are making the decision that it is time for them to rent a car and have it when they need it.

Once you see how professional a car rental service can be for you, it is a good idea for you to look into renting a vehicle for your own vacation needs. This can save you tons of time and hassle in the future because it will already be ready for you when you actually reach your vacation hotspot. Many people are renting a car for themselves because it truly transforms the way their vacation functions and it allows them to get around the area with their loved ones without having to take a taxi or deal with bus routes that they may or may not know about. This is a wonderful option and can be easily booked and set before you even leave on the airplane to get to Spain with your loved ones.


What You Need to Know about Flights to Albania

Flying to Albania will be a great experience if you choose the right flight. There are many flights to Albania. Some fly direct while others make stops in major cities. It all depends on where you are coming from. If you are travelling from near Albania, you flight is likely to be direct. You will want to know how long your flight will take. Before booking flights to Albania, people have the opportunity to confirm things like flight time, distance to be covered, stops made along the way and amenities provided. You need to be acquainted with all the necessary facts.

Being an informed traveler is a good thing. If it is your first time to travel to Albania, take your time to understand this country. If possible, learn a few words of the local dialect. For those who would be making their first international flight, there is a lot to learn before the flight. You will have to inform yourself about the basics of international travelling. Flying to another country is not the same as flying within your country. You need to have a passport and a visa. Security checks of flights to Albania are usually thorough. You need to cooperate with the security team to avoid problems. There will be rules concerning items of luggage allowed and those prohibited. You should read these rules before your journey. By having your papers in order, you reduce the time that you will spend queuing.

Make sure to arrive on time for your flight. Leave your house early so that to overcome unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams. Use private means to travel to the airport. You should hire a taxi instead of using public transportation. If you get to the airport and you do not know the terminal where you flight will take off, ask for directions. This saves you time. In any busy airport, many flights to Albania take off on a daily basis. Therefore, it is easy to be confused. Be polite and courteous to airport staff and airline crew. This helps you to avoid trouble and facilitates quick service. To make the journey interesting, reach out to the person sitting next to you.+

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Getting the Psychology Theme Down

Psychology is the study of the human mind. It should not be confused with the study of the brain and the nervous system, which is neurology. There are more nebulous concepts involved in this particular field, which causes some people to believe it does not qualify as a science. Pop culture icons emphasize this difference, as anyone who watched the show Bones already knows. However, whether or not psychology is a real science, it is a field many people find useful. Those who turn to this field give people a place where they can talk about their moods and feelings without fear of judgment. A counselor needs to put out a website to attract clients. He may want a theme to help him.

Setting up a good psychology theme for a Joomla, Drupal or WordPress System does not take a Picasso. No one expects starry-night style images of the human brain to be show in the background. Such thing may hve been expected in the early days of the Internet, but such flashiness is no longer necessary. Most people want an easy-to-read website that tells them bout the business. It must look professional. Unless the site is intended to be viewed by children, it does not need to look cute. A child psychologist may decide that a little cuteness is necessary. It may even be a draw for his clientele. A drug counselor, however, would only lose potential clients using this route.

Where can someone go to get the psychology theme that they need? Users of WordPress can go to site like Theme Forest or even use the best options available through their hosting provider. Sometimes the hosting provider will charge people to go with a different theme. Someone who decides to go through a route not approved by their hosting provider, should either host their own website or contact their hosting provider. It may take some time and some extra cost for someone who goes through a service like Hostgator for their website. It may be worth it, especially for someone who is looking to set up their own practice.

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The Importance of Community Management

Community management is when a person or persons builds, grows and manages online communities. To be clear, community managers are focused on setting the tone of social interactions, showing off people who are behind your brand’s personality and adding heightened interest and life to your products or services. In addition, the most important aspect of being a community manger is connecting with your audience.

If you currently don’t have a community manager, you have probably found out that developing personal and connected relationships with your customers is not only difficult but also time-consuming. Keep in mind; a community manager is also vital in order to create hype around your new products or services. Most importantly, an effective and great community manager is necessary because he or she is a good listener. Of course, listening to customers and fan feedback is important. A great community manager can keep a sharp eye out on how people feel about your brand. It is important to note that the role of a community manager has evolved in the last decade. Some of the activities that a community manager engages in besides posting updates, interacting with fans and handling customer service are spending time on the Internet and listening to consumers and finding out how they feel about your product or service.

In addition, an effective and informed community manager also uses social listening and analytics tools to seek out and find conversations that are happening around your brands and industry. Monitoring blogs and forums and finding out what your customers are saying about your brand is a most important duty of the community manger. Also, community managers have a clear insight on the pulse of your customers and this mainly comes from effective listening skills. Qualities of a good community manager are: strong communication skills, good judgment, dedication, organizational skills, a level-headed attitude, an ability to enable a community and a passion for the brand.

To conclude, a community manager is when a person or persons builds, grows and manages online communities. Find out how a community manager can enhance your product or service!