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Nothing says you’re part of a comfortable romance like a night in with friend finderAfter the pressure filled first date is done and you’ve got the first kiss out of the way, your new relationship will lead to movie night. Sure, you’ve done it many times before and with countless other dates, but a) keep that between us and b) there’s a difference between having done it and doing it right!

You can’t have a movie night without something to watch. This usually involves one of four scenarios. The first is the surprise movie. This is the one you stop in and pick up on the way home but don’t tell your date about. This is a good way to go. It says you’re confident and sure about your choices. It also says you already have your radar dialed to their tastes. The only problem with this route is that you could have picked poorly. What if they’ve seen it before or hate foreign sports films? If you’re going this route, pick up an extra couple from different genres to put under the bed, just to make sure you’ve covered the bases. Don’t forget to grab extra popcorn and snacks that you think your date might like while you’re there! The second way to choose a movie is to take a trip to the video store together. This way gives you a little extra entertainment for the date at no additional cost. You can wander and see what they’ve seen and what they thought of various movies, all the while growing a little closer and learning about the person you’re with. You can also raid the snacks on the way out, attempting to choose what you think each other might want. The final ways involve pulling from your collection or having them bring one over, but this isn’t always a good way to go because you’ve probably already seen the movie before and you or they might get bored and then you’ll have to make out through the whole movie and . . . oh. Um, never mind!

Try and make the room as cold as you can before the night begins. This is what air conditioning was made for!”

Setting the mood is essential for quality movie watching. You want your focus to be on the screen so having a dark room will help with this. If it’s a sunny day or you need lighting, try and make sure that they’re not glaring off the screen to distract you. You might be a fan of pitch black, which should do just fine, but some soft candles might also help pick things up a notch – just remember about the glare. Set the volume, like in the theatre, as loud as you and your neighbors can stand. Also, try and make the room as cold as you can before the night begins. This is what air conditioning was made for! Grab a blanket and some pillows for extra comfort and get ready to snuggle in.

There are also a few extra steps you can take to make movie night perfect for you and your date. If you live with your parents or a roommate, let them know ahead of time so they can give you the extra space and comfort you need. Make sure your cell phone is turned off so that your “Dukes of Hazzard” ringtone doesn’t ruin the mood . . . unless of course that happens to be the movie you picked! And make sure to hit the washroom before the movie starts to avoid that awkward moment that is bound to come right when the climax hits. With these factors out of the way, you’re ready to have a magical evening with a pefect Hollywood ending!

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