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An introduction to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and refers to steps taken by site administrators to promote their website on search engines. Search engines such as Google are a huge source of visitors for all websites, and as such optimizing your website so that it ranks higher in search engine results will only increase the number of visitors to your site. That in short is the purpose of web SEO.

SEO is of two types: onsite SEO and off site SEO. Onsite SEO are all the measures that are taken with the code and text of your site so that it ranks higher in SEO rankings. For example, you might prominently display your brand name in the title of your pages, or show other such keywords at important parts of your web pages, such as headings and titles. Such measures will be read by the crawlers sent by search engines such as Google, which will then rank the pages higher for the given keywords that are part of titles and paragraph headings. Onsite SEO is the easier of the two, because here you are only concerned with changing the code or text of your own site.

Offsite SEO, however, refers to steps that are taken off site to improve the ranking of your site. Such steps include creating backlinks to your site, which are hosted on reputed sites themselves. Backlinks that are hosted on less reputible sites are not going to help your site to improve its rankings. Other steps include mentioning your website or its contents in other sites of repute, specially sites that host similar type of content.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most helpful strategies that can be undertaken to improve the footfall on your website. Improved rankings in web search results will draw in more visitors to your site, which will in turn allow you to promote and sell more products and services. Therefore, you should definitely try to improve your website’s SEO, whether it be on site SEO or off site SEO. The results will justify the effort that it takes to improve SEO rankings of your site.

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